Your step to sound mind and sleep

About Baby Steps Maternity

Don’t worry about those sleepless nights. Ruth is the proud owner of Baby Steps Maternity in Chatham, Kent, and is experienced in all aspects of baby care. She is here to help you and your newborn get into a suitable and effective routine.

About Ruth

Being a mum of two and working as a maternity nurse for many years, Ruth understands how having a baby can be the most beautiful - and at the same time - stressful and overwhelming experience for most mothers and their families. Ruth is an experienced and qualified maternity nurse who is specialised in:

  • Sleep Routines
  • Feeding/Breastfeeding Support
  • Identifying PND and Support
  • Recognising Special Needs and Support
  • Nutrition and Wellbeing
  • Health and Safety
  • Routine Setting for Baby

She also has a paediatric first aid certificate, a maternity nurse insurance, an up-to-date DBS check and is also a member of ABBP (The Association of Birth & Baby Professionals)

Ruth's lovely and easy-going personality has also been one of her biggest assets, warming into every home and family she's worked for. Building such trust and confidence in the families, she maintains good relations and contact even after her job is done!

Ruth, being a very organised and disciplined person, will not give up until she accomplishes her goals. This is why it is very important for her that she builds a very good relationship with the families, especially the mums. Ruth's role in the family is to advise, support, and guide them through the stages of caring and establishing good routines for their baby/babies in their first year of life. She also supports and guides the mother through recovery from childbearing to getting back to a healthy lifestyle.

About Baby Steps Maternity and Workshop

Baby Steps Maternity was founded by Ruth, when at some point in her career, her children needed more of her time since her job took her away from home most days. She would sometimes travel around the country and abroad with the families if needed. Loving what she was doing and achieving such great results in every home, Ruth, with careful planning and thinking, came up with the services Baby Steps Maternity offers. This enables her to continue to reach out to mothers and families who needs her support while giving her plenty time with her own kids.

The maternity packages provide one-on-one consultation and support on parenting skills to parents and families, especially first-time parents. The workshop is suitable for any mum or families who have specific needs or wants to meet other mums to share ideas and experiences. These affordable packages have been carefully structured to equip parents with all the tools and knowledge needed to care and establish good routines for their newborn.