Your step to sound mind and sleep

Create a Successful Baby Routine with Ruth’s Maternity Care Services in Chatham, Kent

Getting your newborn into a routine is essential, especially during those first few months. As an expert in maternity care, Ruth creates tailored pregnancy guides for expectant parents throughout Chatman, Kent. So, when you’re looking for assistance with planning for your new arrival, look no further than Baby Steps Maternity.

How Ruth Works

Ruth starts off by offering prenatal appointments, where she will help you prepare for your newborn being welcomed into the world. What’s more, she also offers support after the birth! She is available during the day or night to help you get into a routine with your baby. When required, she can also stay overnight if you’re struggling with sleepless nights. In most cases, Ruth will work with you for around 3 months, which gives her plenty of time to ensure you’re comfortable with the routine.

Don’t worry about losing your social life when you become a parent! Ruth will show you that you can still interact with friends and family members while caring for your little one.

Arrange a Consultation

At Baby Steps Maternity, Ruth provides one-to-one consultations to address the areas in which you need help. To allow her to create a plan that’s best suited to your needs, she must first find out about your lifestyle.

After drawing up the plan, Ruth will ensure you follow it for a month through text or email, depending on what is easiest for you. She can then come visit your property and help you with sleep training overnight for a few nights if required.

Changing the Routine

There are some things that require a change in the routine. If your child has a growth spurt or something isn’t quite working for them, Ruth can assess the situation and make changes as necessary. She is able to come back to your property whenever needed! This can include coming back when your newborn grows into a toddler and needs assistance with being put to bed.

Baby Steps Maternity Packages

Ruth also offers individual maternity care packages, which includes:

Prenatal Package - £349 (Mom-to-Be)

  • First Visit - introduction and first discussion.
  • Second Visit - further discussions and designing a planner.
  • Providing advice and support on pregnancy, labour, and postpartum.
  • Follow up call (audio or video call) before the arrival of your bundle of joy to make sure you're all prepared.

Postnatal Package - £449 (Mom and Me)

  • Welcoming Visit - introduction and discussions.
  • Design a planned routine suitable for your family's needs.
  • Providing advice and support on issues with feeding, routine, and general caring for baby and mother.
  • *Step-by-step consultation on implementing the actions (through phone/video call)
  • Follow up to review the results

Sleep Train Package - £499 (The Snuggle)

  • First Visit - introduction and problem discussion.
  • Design a planned routine suitable for your family's needs.
  • 1 night to help you sleep train
  • *Step-by-step consultation on implementing the actions (through phone/video call).
  • Follow up to review the results.

Deluxe package - £799

A combination of both Mom and Me and The Snuggle, plus:

  • 1 24 hour live-in support
  • 1 night to help you sleep train.

Extras: available for day and night maternity services from £15 an hour.

Example: change in routines due to growth spurts, jet lag, or bad habits.