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See What the Parents Ruth Works with Have Said

Ruth Asare was our maternity nurse for six weeks when my fourth child was born and she made a joyous but potentially highly stressful time in our life calm and peaceful.

Ruth herself is calm, cool under pressure and in general displays good humour and quiet common sense. I never felt uncomfortable having her around and she was sensitive to our family’s needs. More important, she was sensitive to the baby’s needs, which always came first. She was extremely organised and knew her job extremely well, but was never pushy or demanding, again understanding nuances and family dynamic. She would often sing to the baby in her beautiful voice and when I think of her I think of her smile. My children still ask me about Ruth and want to know how she’s doing. In short, we all very much liked her as not only a highly qualified and supremely confident maternity nurse, but as a person.

I would highly recommend Ruth Asare and any endeavor she undertakes.

- Meira -

( Hampstead Suburb)


1. What prompted you to seek my services ( maternity nursing )?

I was struggling with settling my baby at night, who suffered from bad reflux. Ruth was my night nurse for 2 months, twice a week

2. How did you benefit from my services?

She was very good with Sharon, if I could I would have asked Ruth to come every night, she settled my baby and looked after her so well and trained her to sleep through the night.

3. What are the two most significant improvements that have resulted from my services to you?

My baby slept better and so did I

4. Describe why you feel that having my services was successful.

Very happy I could rest and Ruth taught me lots of useful advices

5. Lastly, if a potential client was on the fence about whether to use the services of a maternity nurse or not, what would you say to them?

I always recommend you

- Elodie -

(St John's Wood)


What did you find as a result of using my service?

Its so much better to give up control and trust Ruths method, it works and is not brutal. She trained the baby and me - I followed her instructions an her days off and once she left and found Lola to be so well trained and the routine so effortlessly maintained. I was able to manage my life around a well organised predictable schedule.

Describe why you feel using my services was successful?

Lola and i were well trained and equipped to manage and adapt the schedule.

Lola had great sleep habits.

Ruth was a happy addition to the household. She was not intrusive but joined in enough to feel like part of the family.

If a potential client was on the fence about whether to use the services of a maternity nurse or not, what would you say to them?

I am a huge advocate of using a maternity nurse, it allows for the breathing room to enjoy the first few months of a babies life. its bothe the shortest and longest time in ones life, having a maternity nurse allows you to actually appreciate and enjoy this time.

- Melissa -

(Kensel Rise)